Our Ethos

Race the Waves is about being inclusive & the taking part, where everyone involved from the audience to the entrants gives of themselves to create an engaging  atmosphere. The BACKFIRE invitation to run vehicles along the Bridlington sands is indeed a privelage and not bestowed lightly to those we wish to engage.
Everyone’s a winner who takes part with the display on the beach, as they all have made the huge contribution and effort to conquer the playing field which Mother Nature has served us for our abuse until she retrieves with her briny veil.
Rules.. there are no rules, rather Respect and Gentlemanly conduct to all which is paramount to our BACKFIRE events.
Race the Waves at Bridlington is a phenomenon in the UK motoring world. We have created a Retro event and styled towards the 1950s. This allows for the inclusion of later constructions to be involved, especially custom builds. Period correct vehicles from earlier years are most welcome but again not in a stock form (unless produced for racing)
Our wish is for the next generations to become involved too with the offer to run some children’s classes on Sunday the 2nd of June with their Tot Rods. This element gives families a chance to encourage youngsters to be creative and take part. Preference for inclusion will be offered to those who have actively constructed or adapted their vehicle.
Attire.. ladies and gentlemen we value our event visuals and the resulting photography, therefore Retro attire is of paramount importance to the beach engagement. Our audience will be encouraged towards a Retro dress code too.
BACKFIRE Race the Waves is in its infancy but is supported by an endless passion and an unquantifiable enthusiasm to succeed..
Hope to see you on the sand, 1st & 2nd June 2019.